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Wallpaper got a bad rap after years of overuse in the 70s.  Today it’s back and used in a much more restrained way.  As a focal point in a room, consider getting your feet wet by simply decorating one wall for a dramatic effect.

Tropical palm leaves from Cole and Son on this bedroom wall act like a headboard.

Palm leaf wallpaper

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With only a few days left to fulfill your friends and families’ wish lists, check out these original beach-inspired gift ideas.  If you’re done with all your holiday shopping and you’ve been nice (and not naughty), go on and get a little something for yourself.  You deserve it.


Malibu shot glass

For the stylish party animal, the Beach Set glasses courtesy of Sisters of LA and available from Kitson.

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There’s something very calming and beautiful about the repetitive motion of waves rolling onto the beach.  Maybe that’s why so many people pay the big bucks to live near the water.  But even if you don’t have the good fortune of having your dream house near the coast, why not bring a little peace and serenity into your own home and ride the wave of good coastal design with a few ocean-inspired items.

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