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Indian Pink

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Wallpaper got a bad rap after years of overuse in the 70s.  Today it’s back and used in a much more restrained way.  As a focal point in a room, consider getting your feet wet by simply decorating one wall for a dramatic effect.

Tropical palm leaves from Cole and Son on this bedroom wall act like a headboard.

Palm leaf wallpaper

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BB Aloha Atlantic

Byron Bay is a beach side town located on the east coast of Australia just south of Brisbane and well north of Sydney.  With an eclectic mix of surfing, sophistication, and a big dose of bohemian culture, a thriving design scene has recently emerged.  One of the most notable additions is the hip but laid back Byron Bay Atlantic,  “a unique coastal estate of three original beach cottages that have been transformed into Caribbean styled plantation houses and joined by meandering sun bleached paths.”

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Reupholstering furniture takes fine motor skills and a love of textiles.  It is an old school trade that requires the right tools and a good amount of patience.  If you have always loved grandma’s wing back chair but not its weathered blue fabric or you discover a well-made piece of furniture at the flea market that just needs a little freshening up, all it takes is a little vision and a few necessary tools (perhaps even some simple sewing skills) and you could have the most interesting chair on the block.

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What’s not to love about the color aqua.  It’s tranquil and soothing like a swimming pool and light and bright like the sky on a cloudless summer day.  Why not surround yourself with this calming color and put yourself in a better frame of mind?

Mosaic tiles mirror this plunge pool and overshadow the landscape lighting featured in this ad for Hinkley Lighting.

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