There’s something very calming and beautiful about the repetitive motion of waves rolling onto the beach.  Maybe that’s why so many people pay the big bucks to live near the water.  But even if you don’t have the good fortune of having your dream house near the coast, why not bring a little peace and serenity into your own home and ride the wave of good coastal design with a few ocean-inspired items.

There’s no shortage of interesting wave art.  Have some fun with Go Surf Yourself by Shapes and Smiles.

If your taste in art is more minimalist, Wave Textile I by Natural Curiosities may satisfy your soul.  Hollywood Hills-based artist Christopher Wilcox says “above all we believe that art is the backbone of culture; nature is inspiration for art.”

At 78 by 55 inches, this enormous Hawaiian wave poster may look like fine art but it’s actually a poster and quite a steal from Ikea.

Why all the boring beige pillows?  Textiles are usually inexpensive and can add some fun to a bed or couch.  This wave pillow from Gore Dean in Washington, D.C. may be just the right choice.

These kid-friendly, geometric line-drawn wave sheets from the Land of Nod may be meant for the children’s bedroom but they would look right at home in a beach house guest room.

New wave tiles by Soliusa are a perfect solution for a refreshing after-the-beach shower.

Or try these cement tile waves by Coral Stone and Marble in the shower or as a back splash in the bathroom.

Majorelle in azure by Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a Moorish-take on the wave pattern.

The dining room in the Martyn Lawrence Bullard-designed Mexican getaway for Joe Francis easily seats enough for a fiesta.

Who needs a one of those old-fashioned hammocks when you can nap in luxury thanks to Royal Botania’s wave hammock.

Soak in your own ocean in this amazing wave-inspired tub by Manuel Dreesman.

Listen.  I think I can hear the waves now.